Instrument and Bow Tryout and Approval Policy

For players seriously interested in purchasing a new bow, an approval period of ten days is allowed to evaluate a selection of up to four bows. This approval period is for the player to closely examine and play the bows with the intent of purchasing one that will suit the player's preferences--both in playability and sound production. It is encouraged for students to seek the advice of their teacher when playing and selecting instruments and bows.

There is no charge for players to try bows on approval in the United States, however, the player is responsible for the cost of the return shipping (air-shipment, insured). I do require contact information, a shipping address, and a valid credit card (Visa or MasterCard) before sending items on approval.

If a bow is kept out on approval for more than two weeks, a charge to rehair the bow will apply when the bow is returned. If bows are damaged or returned in a condition that they need to be serviced, a charge will apply to cover necessary repairs (such as a rehair, thumb leather, or tip replacement).

Please keep the box and packing material from the approval shipment to use in return shipping. All bows which are not selected for purchase must be returned at the end of the ten day tryout period and shipped according to the Shipping Guidelines.


For International Purchases:

For international clients, I offer a seven-day return option on purchases. Bows must be paid for in full in advance of shipping, and a shipping charge of $100 will be added to the purchase price. Upon receipt, the buyer has 7 days to decide to keep the bow or to return it for a full refund (less the shipping charge). The buyer will be responsible for any return shipping charges as well as any import declarations, duties and VAT taxes. Bows that are made with prohibited materials like tortoise shell, ivory, and baleen (whalebone) cannot be shipped internationally.