Shipping Guidelines


    1. Please contact me by email or phone before shipping anything to me. This lets me know when to expect your shipment.

    2. Ship bows in a bow box packed inside of a larger cardboard box that is packed with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Please do not ship in round tubes because they roll and often get lost or damaged.

      If you do not have a strong and secure shipping box for your bow, I can ship one you that is specifically designed to protect bows during shipping and can be reused many times. The cost for a shipping tube is $20 to $25. To order a shipping tube, please see the Shipping Tube order page.

    3. Ship only with a service that ships insured, and can instantaneously track the progress of the package. USPS Postal Service (Express or Priority Service), UPS, and FedEX, offer these services.

      Please do not ship via USPS Standard Parcel Post, as this service is not trackable, and can take up to three weeks to be delivered.


The Washington, D.C. Region

If you are in the metropolitan region of Washington D.C., you may visit my shop by appointment. To arrange an appointment, you may use the Contact Page to indicate your interest and the best means for replying to you.


International Shipping

I am happy to ship to most countries outside of the USA. However, please note the differences that affect international requests.

  1. For international clients, I offer a seven-day return option on purchases. Bows must be paid in full in advance of shipping, and a shipping charge of $75 will be added to the purchase price. Upon receipt, the buyer has 7 days to decide to keep the bow or to return it for a full refund (less the shipping charge).

  2. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay all import and VAT taxes upon acceptance of a shipment. The buyer will be responsible for any return shipping charges if returned.

  3. I cannot internationally ship bows that are made with prohibited materials like tortoise shell, ivory, and baleen (whalebone).