Order a Bow Shipping Tube:

One of the main services that I offer is a mail-order option for bow rehairing, repairs, and restoration. Shipping a bow for service is not an easy option unless you have a shipping container specifically designed for protecting bows from damage during shipping.

I do not recommend that standard bow cases be used to ship bows because most of them are not adequately padded to protect the bow in shipping. Many bow cases are just fine for hand transport, but allow the bow to move inside, and if dropped on the end, can subject the head of the bow to damage.

I can supply a custom-made shipping tube for mailing bows. There are several different sizes available, depending on how many bows need to be shipped. The tube is constructed with a double thickness of durable cardboard that contains a PVC pipe securely held inside with dense foam blocks. Inside the tube is one (or more) foam sleeve to hold a bow suspended inside of the tube. The ends of the tube are padded both inside and outside of the end caps. These tubes are designed to be used and reused many times.

The cost for the tube varies depending upon options. Please select from the drop-down menu below which shipping tube works best for your needs. After selection, clicking on the "Buy Now" button will take you to a PayPal payment screen. The purchase price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to your shipping address.

Bow Shipping Tube Options:
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For mail-order rehairs, the turn-around time is usually only one or two days in addition to shipping time. Bows typically are shipped back within one business day of payment received. If other work in addition to a rehair is needed, the bow will likely require a longer stay in the shop. For repairs and restoration work, I will always contact you with an estimate of cost and time before starting any work.

This mail-order service is intended to provide professional bow rehair and restoration services to players from all over the United States. There are many players in areas that do not have easy access to professional services, and rely on shipping bows for proper work. I look forward working with all players--student to professional that need expert bow rehair and repair services. Please be advised that there are bows that will not be rehaired or repaired due to low quality of construction or low value. If you have any questions about your bow, please contact me before ordering a tube or shipping it to me.

I can only supply these bow shipping tubes to addresses in the USA. When returning your bow to me inside of one of these tubes for rehair or restoration, please ship it via an insured and trackable method. Please refer to the Shipping Guidelines for more information regarding shipping your bows. Please keep the box and packing material for future use in return shipping.