Is your bow not playing like it used to? Not playing like you want it to? All bows need proper maintenance. For many bows, it is likely that just a periodic rehairing is necessary. However, on many vintage bows, it is commonly necessary to take care of other issues as well.

Examples of these other issues are worn screw holes, stripped eyelets, frog misalignment, cracked or missing tips, loose grips, improper camber, improper balance, and so on. No matter what quality level of your bow—whether an inexpensive student bow or a valuable and historic bow by an old French master—I would be happy to advise you on any maintenance, repair, or restoration issues on your bow.

I do not charge for repair or restoration estimates, but I do need to have the bow in hand for inspection. Please do not hesitate to call me with questions regarding repair on your bow.

For local clients, rehairs are always done in a one-hour appointment, but other work will likely require a longer stay in the shop.

One of the main services that I offer is a mail-order option for bow rehairing, repairs, and restoration. For mail-order rehairs, the turn-around time is usually only one or two days in addition to shipping time. If you do not have a strong and secure shipping box for your bow, I can ship one to you that is specifically designed to protect bows during shipping and can be reused many times. To order a shipping tube, please see the Shipping Tube order page.

All repair and restoration work is done in my shop, my me. There are no employees or apprentices doing any work for me.


Bow Repair services begin at the following prices:

Professional Rehair
(For all violin, viola, and cello bows)
~Includes the highest quality Mongolian horsehair, cleaning, polishing, and lubrication of eyelet.
Bass Bow Rehair
French and German-style Bows
~Options for hair include standard Mongolian hair, coarse Mongolian hair, Chestnut (red-brown) hair, black hair, mixed "salt & pepper" or colored hair ($85).

Colored Hair Rehair
Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass Bows
~Includes quality Mongolian horsehair that I color using a protein-based dye that does not affect the quality, sound, playability, or strength of the horsehair.

Colors available: red, orange, neon orange, neon yellow, kelly green, teal green, blue, lilac (lavender), pastel pink, hot pink, cabernet (burgundy), purple and black.

Colored Hair Rehair (with 2 colors)
Violin, Viola, and Cello Bows
Two stripes with different colored hair.
Double and Triple Dyed Hair
Violin, Viola, and Cello Bows

Colors include silver-fade to-purple, "Hot Tie-Dye" (red-orange-yellow), and "Cold Tie-Dye" (blue-purple-red)

Fossil Mammoth Tip Plate
Silver Tip Plate
Tip Armor® Synthetic Tip Plate
Plastic Tip Plate (for student bows)


Silver Wire Lapping w/ Thumb Grip
Nickel Wire Lapping w/ Thumb Grip  
Imitation Baleen wrap w/ Thumb Grip  
Thumb Grip only (lizard or leather)
Replace Stripped Eyelet
Other repairs such as pearl replacement, recambering, screw hole bushing, stick repairs, ebony repairs, silver replacement, and other repairs performed, but prices can only be quoted after inspection of the bow.

For information and quotes on specific repairs and restoration work on violins and bows, or to schedule repairs, please contact me.
For some examples of restoration work: