Intermediate Bows up to $1000 for
Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass

Conrad Gotz
Alfred Knoll
Oskar Meinel
Unstamped Violin Bow
Unstamped Viola Bow

In this category, I have many used, older, and vintage pernambuco bows--usually nickel mounted, but better bows are often mounted with silver frogs. These bows will have good to moderate playing qualities and are good alternatives to many of the new imported factory-made bows.

In this price range, stamped or branded names are usually not indicative of quality or playability. Many of these bows are unstamped or are often stamped with a fictitious name. These bows are typically German or Brazilian-made workshop bows intended for student to intermediate players.


Student Bows up to $250 for
Violin, Viola, and Cello

In this category are student level bows, all of which all nickel-mounted. These bows will be suitable for beginning students, but not for intermediate or advanced players. Most of these bows are vintage, made in Germany, and made from brazilwood or the most basic pernambuco. Like all bows that I offer, these are in restored condition, so beginning players will not have to struggle with repairs or maintenance problems.

Most of these bows are unstamped, but some examples of names that might be stamped on the stick are: Schrotter, Knilling, and Knoll.